9 Effective Ways to Suppress Your Appetite

Almost all people with excess weight have functional disorders of the central regulation of hunger, while the appetite is always increased, the sense of fullness is reduced. If, in this case, do not control diet, weight will inevitably increase until obesity arises.

You must understand that there are only two ways out: the first is to satisfy your lower biological needs, constantly gaining fat mass, increasing the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system, and reducing social activity; the second - to cope with hunger by volitional efforts and improve their physical forms and sexuality.

In this article, we have prepared for you the most effective and scientifically based methods of suppressing appetite:

1. Consume more healthy fats. This may seem paradoxical, but consuming large amounts of fat is a "smart" method to reduce weight, at least as long as this strategy is working properly. Researchers at the University of California in Irvine found that when oleic acid enters the body, this acid is included in the number of "good" fats, oleoylethanolamide is produced in the small intestine, a compound that acts on the nerve endings through which the brain transmits reports of the onset of hunger. Rich sources of oleic acid are nuts, avocados and olive oil. In addition, fats delay the emptying of the stomach, which leads to a delay in the appearance of hunger.

2. Reduce portions. Researchers at the University of Arizona found that small amounts of food saturate more than one large serving containing the same number of calories. The students who participated in the study, who ate a whole bagel at once, ate more dense in subsequent meals and, consequently, consumed more calories than those who shared the same bagel into four parts and ate it in several servings.

3. Walk during work breaks. Brazilian researchers found that exercise, in addition to burning calories and speeding up metabolism, restore the sensitivity of neurons involved in saturation, which in turn helps to limit food intake. Even ordinary walks help.

4. Use your feelings. Consume at each meal such flavored spices as grated fresh ginger, mint, cinnamon, rosemary and basil. They not only add a pleasant taste but are also antioxidants and contribute to less food intake.

5. Give your preference to the rye. Choose rye over wheat. Studies show that rye lowers the level of insulin that promotes weight gain, in addition, people eat less during their next meal. The simplest rye product - crackers, but you can make a variety in your diet, eating rye pasta and cereal.

6. Rely on your memory. Scientists from the University of Birmingham drew attention to the fact that memories of the eaten dinner lead to a decrease consumption of salty and sweet snacks on the same day. Volunteers, who were offered to remember their lunch, received much less pleasure from such snacks and, accordingly, used them in smaller quantities compared to other subjects.

7. Start your day right. For a better balance, it is advisable to have breakfast with fruits and whole grain products, as well as products containing proteins and healthy fats such as mango.

8. Eat slowly. The study, whose findings were published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, indicates that eating too fast consumes food to limit the release of hormones that cause satiety, leading to a meaningless overeating. Researchers at the University of Rhode Island found that slow eaters consume about four times less calories per minute and reach a higher satiety level, despite the fact that they eat less. To achieve this, keep the intervals between each bite, during which take a deep breath. And then stop eating, feeling that you have satisfied your appetite, even if the food on your plate still remains.

9. Create the atmosphere. Soft lighting and quiet unobtrusive music are needed not only for romance. Researchers at Cornell University found that the proper environment helps and properly feeds. In comfortable conditions - for example, in a cozy restaurant - visitors rated their food as more pleasant.

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