People who work in an office spend most of their time sitting, especially in front of computers. They occasionally take breaks in order to snack, and these are usually not healthy choices (chocolate, pizza, chips, etc.). All these factors harm both their figure and health.


Common among office workers are problems such as obesity, arthritis, diabetes and heart disease. The main reason is - long periods without movement, which slows down the metabolism, promotes the deposition of calories and reduces the level of energy.

Here are a few simple and proven fitness tips to help minimize the negative consequences.




If your office is not so far from home, it will be much more useful to overcome this distance on foot. Such daily walks will be an excellent cardio exercise especially for those who spend a lot of time in the office or at the computer and do not have spare time to go on walks. During the warm seasons, instead of using a car or public transportation, you can ride your bike or use roller skates. If your car is your only option, then try to park it as far from the office as possible, so that you have the opportunity to take extra steps and exercise. If your workplace is located on the upper floors of the building, then instead of the elevator it is more useful to climb the stairs.



Many office workers prefer fast food, ordering from fast food restaurants. But such food is full of carbohydrates, which do not contribute to saturation but to the accumulation of fat. This process is exacerbated by prolonged sitting in one place. It is much more profitable (both for health and finances) to have food prepared at home. To do this, you need to stock up on convenient containers and ask your manager to provide a designated room with a microwave for workers to eat. As a rule, this should be in every office. It is preferable to plan your dinner in advance (the weekend is the best time for this). For example, you can pre-select the menu, products and make ingredients ready to go. These can then be stored in the refrigerator.


In the evening, you will have to prepare these ingredients, and in the morning they will be ready for the office - only to warm them up. Pros of home food are not only in the ability to choose quality and healthy foods, but you can better control the size of portions, using the appropriate containers.




In the office, often times people have plates on their tables with different snacks: sweets, chips, salted nuts. These snacks can be very tempting and can help cope with stress and anxiety, but constant intake of these products is not good for health. It is advisable to keep these kind of goodies away from sight, to avoid the temptation of constantly snacking on them. Instead, replace them with a plate of fruits or berries, but, do not overdo it (just one apple or a banana as snack is the best).




Staying healthy and vigorous in the workplace is much easier if you follow fitness advice along with colleagues with similar goals. Like-minded people will help keep motivation and willpower to keep fit during and after work. They will share a common incentive and will provide moral support. If one of your colleagues is also interested in training or at least in small workouts in the office, it is a good to make friends with them, make a plan and do it together.




This is a great idea, especially for a person who rarely goes to the gym. Use any free time in the office for a few quick but intensely executed exercises. Get at least minimal sports equipment, which will not take up much space: a pair of dumbbells with comfortable weight, a gymnastic ball or a sports mat.


With any opportunity, it is worthwhile to work out a little, not moving away from your workplace. This will help cope with stress, which is common in the process of work. A good workout is much more useful than ten cups of coffee. There is nothing impossible for a person who seriously decided to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even with a busy work schedule. It is important to plan accordingly and not lose willpower.

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